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Pet Care Tips

Homeless Cats Around The World In 25 Pictures

Around the world, millions of stray animals are wandering the streets and falling sick, getting injured, spreading disease, and struggling to live. Consider these surprising facts: It’s been estimated that there are at least 70 million stray cats living in the US.  There are actually more homeless animals in the United States than there are […]

Pet Care Tips

Cat Lover’s Guide To Common Feline Diseases [Infographic]

Is your cat healthy? Hopefully yes. However, there are several different diseases that can affect our feline companions at any stage of life. You know your furry friend best, so it’s important to be on the lookout for signs and symptoms of a potential issue. After all, she can’t exactly tell you if she’s not feeling well. As […]

Pet Care Tips

Heart Murmur in Cats: Symptoms, Causes, Prevention, & Treatment

Cardiac disease is thought to affect 15% of felines, which makes early detection crucial. Heart murmur in cats could be one indication that something is wrong, and that is why it’s essential to keep frequent veterinary checkups. Some cat heart murmurs are absolutely benign, and not all of them are signs of heart disease. On the other […]