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Cat Health

Can Cats Have ADHD? 16 Warning Signs to Watch Out For

Cats, especially kittens, can be hyperactive at times. It’s normal for most cat owners to notice their feline friends running around the house as fast as they can. But, what if a cat frequently exhibits these sudden bursts of energy? Should you be concerned? Does that indicate a more serious health condition, such as ADHD? […]

Cat Health

10 Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Cat

It feels good to save a life. A lot of shelter animals are living on borrowed time. Even the no-kill shelters can only let a cat in if there’s room. In any case, the street is no home at all for a cat that needs food, shelter and love. Someone who adopts a cat isn’t […]

Cat Health

Cat In Different Languages From All Around The World

Cats are popular pets in many different countries and we must learn more about cat in different languages. Where a black cat is considered unlucky in the United States and many other countries, it’s considered good luck in the United Kingdom. In Japan, it’s the three colored calico that’s considered lucky. In Russia, it is […]