Adopting Pets

100+ Witchy Cat Names for Your Spell-Tacular Felines

Thinking of witchy cat names for your new kitten? We’ve got you covered! From mythology to modern literature, we have the best selection of witch names for you.  Felines and magic have been hand in hand for thousands of years. In fact, back in the 16th century, if you were a cat lover you’d be […]

Cat Facts

Why Are Cats So Cute? Do Cats Think People Are Cute?

How Did Cats Get So Cute? People think that cats evolved to be cutest as they became domesticated and this influenced humans to take good care of them. And it also makes sense, that cats can easily become the cutest pets as they become more dependent on us for their survival. However, cat owners would […]

Cat Health

10 Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Cat

It feels good to save a life. A lot of shelter animals are living on borrowed time. Even the no-kill shelters can only let a cat in if there’s room. In any case, the street is no home at all for a cat that needs food, shelter and love. Someone who adopts a cat isn’t […]